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The 10 Most Effective Ways to Build a Client’s Trust Online

The success of a business depends on factors like marketing, hiring top employees, the extent of competition, the quality of products and services, and customer service. The last element is crucial for law firms because trust and brand loyalty leads to customer referrals. Trust can be tough to earn, but very easy to break. If you’ve been trying to figure out how to build client’s trust, here are ten tips:

1. Don’t let problems linger.

Regardless of whether you are dealing with and old or new client, or a prospect, address any challenges immediately. Small missteps can usually be explained and forgiven, but letting issues remain unresolved may make clients question their business with your firm.

2. Honesty is best, at all times.

Don’t miscommunicate your terms, or lead prospects to believe that you can handle certain types of cases when they are not within your area of expertise. You know what you have to offer and being straightforward about what you can and can’t do shows your respect for their time and money.

3. Host monthly webinars or teleconferences.

Present new facts, regulations, or case studies that pertain to your area of law, and leave the last ten minutes open for Q&A. This allows you to display your leadership while also offering up some free advice to people who took the time to attend.

4. Utilize video.

Post a welcome message on your website, as well as weekly social media videos answering common questions, explaining new legislations, or giving an update on the types of cases you are able to take on. Use video as an opportunity to show that you are personable and trustworthy.

5. Create personalized emails to nurture existing relationships.

Use them to offer discounted or free services to prospective clients. Just be careful not to send too many emails without a short period of time or your emails will end up in the spam folder.

6. Prospective clients have to be sure that you will always fight your hardest for their cause and put their interests above everything else.

One way to get this point across is through client testimonials. If well-known or respected people in the industry vouch for you, it adds credibility to your practice.

7. Show your involvement in the community by posting affiliations on your website and social media platforms.

These can include local community organizations, professional associations, accreditation from the local business bureau or chamber of commerce, etc.

8. Show how you have tackled common (or uncommon) client problems by posting case studies to your website.

Depending on the issues a prospect is facing, you can easily refer to one of your case studies.

9. Become the go-to expert for local media outlets.

The mention of your firm in a newspaper or media article creates trust. Reach out to local reporters and start building strong relationships. When a news item comes up that is related to your practice areas, they should feel comfortable about picking up the phone and getting your perspective for their story.

10. Show how your firm gives back to the community.

Highlight pro bono casework, mention charities you work with, sponsor a donation drive, etc. Clients trust firms that use their success to help a good cause.