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4 Ways to Make the Best Law Firm Business Cards

Although most of legal marketing has shifted to the digital world, there are still many traditional tools that continue to be essential for effective law firm marketing. It’s true that most prospective clients look to the Internet to find and research attorneys. However, there is still immense value in a quality first impression. The business card is a key element in this first impression.

If you’re just beginning to establish a marketing campaign, or you’ve been looking into giving your firm a marketing makeover, don’t overlook the importance of your firm’s business card. Everything from the font, texture, size, color, and of course, content, make a big difference when you’re trying to make a lasting first impression. Here are four ways to make the best law firm business cards.

1. Dare to be different.

In such a saturated and competitive industry with so many business cards, it’s difficult to make sure your card stands out among the crowd. One of the easiest ways to go about this is by opting for a vertical business card. Since most professional cards are horizontal, a vertical card will immediately grab the attention of prospective clients.

2. Be selective with typography.

The font you choose for your business card can make all the difference. On the flipside, the incorrect font can make things go terribly wrong. Stay away from typefaces that are too ornate, italicized, thin, or resemble calligraphy. Although these types of fonts can be beautiful, your business card loses its value once even a single word is not legible. Choose something sleek and modern.

3. Choose your photo wisely.

Including a professional photo on your business card is an excellent and effective way to put a face to your brand and connect with clients. A good photo can help make clients more comfortable and even give them a reason to trust you. A picture is definitely worth a thousand words. However, a poorly lit, unprofessional photo can do much more harm than good. Take all the steps necessary to ensure you get a sharp business photo. This means, you should dress the part by carefully planning your outfit and going the extra mile to look your best. This is not something you want to snap with your smartphone.

4. Link social profiles.

Social media is a huge and integral part of law firm marketing. Your various social media profiles create the platform for clients to connect with you, engage with your brand, and expand your reach. Even when it comes to traditional business cards, social media profiles should be included. Don’t forget to include information on social profiles including LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and more.