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5 Actionable Tips for Video Marketing for Lawyers

Video marketing for lawyers is an effective tool that can improve conversion rates and lead to the growth of your firm. Reaching your audience through videos eliminates the gap between attorney and client, creating a more personalized experience. This makes the whole approach seem less about the sales pitch and more about connecting with clients and potential clients.

Through a well-planned video marketing campaign, viewers can get to know more about your style, approach, and personality. This efficient method is becoming increasingly popular in legal marketing. When seeking representation during challenging times, clients are looking for someone they can trust. Through videos, perspective clients can get a more authentic idea of your brand, business practices, and principles.

There are various approaches attorneys can take when it comes to video marketing. Content can be created to inform, persuade, and connect with viewers. It is imperative to have an end goal and purpose in mind when creating any kind of marketing content, including videos. Regardless of what your specific objective is with each video, the ultimate aim is to grant clients access to your firm and generate quality leads. Here are five actionable tips to keep in mind:

1. Script out your videos.

Being on camera can be nerve-wracking. It’s perfectly normal to go on a little too long on a topic or circle around the content you had planned when you are nervous. To calm the nerves and make sure your viewers receive to-the-point, clear, and effective content, take the extra step to script what you will be saying. Map out the points and sub points you’ll make to ensure that you stay on topic and deliver informative material that will engage and enlighten clients and prospective clients.

2. Avoid a do-it-yourself strategy.

Although there are many ways you can market your firm yourself, video marketing shouldn’t be a DIY project. Hire a professional or make sure to get professional equipment that will present you and your firm in the best light.

3. Shine light on individual lawyers, instead of the whole firm.

Since clients will eventually work closely with the personalities within your firm, it is useful to give viewers the chance to get to know the attorneys within your practice. They will be given counsel by a person, not your brand. Your video can include testimonials about an attorney, background information, individual philosophy, and more. The more relatable the content, the better.

4. Create a YouTube Channel.

Even though your firm’s video marketing campaign should be present across all platforms, including your blog, website, and social media pages, getting active on YouTube can improve your ranking on search engines and increase traffic to your page. YouTube is a powerful source that should be utilized. When uploading to your channel, make sure to include detailed titles and description boxes to improve optimization and accessibility.

5. Share, Share, and Share again.

Social media continues to be a powerhouse when it comes to spreading the word. Since so many individuals are constantly posting, sharing, and commenting throughout their day on Twitter, Facebook, and more, this is the perfect arena to spread the word about your firm’s latest video marketing content. Posting on social media pages, both business and personal, increases the chances of engagement.