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87% of Drivers Engage in Risky Driving Behaviors

Eighty-seven percent of drivers performed at least one risky behavior while driving over the last month, according to research by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. These risky driving behaviors include driving while impaired, distracted or drowsy; or such behaviors as speeding, driving without a seatbelt, or running red lights.

More than two-thirds of drivers reported talking a cell phone while driving, and more than two-fifths admitted to reading a text or email.

Nearly one-third of drivers reported driving while they were having trouble keeping their eyes open, and more than one-fifth admitted to do doing this more than once in the last 30 days. Drowsy driving is a factor in an estimated annual average of 328,000 crashes, including 109,000 injury crashes and 6,400 crashes involving fatalities, according to previous research by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety.