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Almost Any New Car Can Be Hacked, Experts Warn

I was aghast to read that experts say almost any new car can be hacked. These risks are rising as automakers increasingly install software and wireless connections in vehicles. For now, it is more difficult and less profitable to hack vehicles than bank or email accounts, but that could potentially change as vehicles become more wireless-enabled. That also doesn’t rule out the possibility of a malicious hacking, such as when someone messes with a vehicle in order to annoy, injure or kill another person or group of people.

In one case cited in the Los Angeles Times, a disgruntled worker fired from a Texas auto dealership disabled the engines on 100 vehicles sold by his former employer. He accomplished this by hacking an Internet service intended to disable vehicles when the owners fall behind on payments.

Auto manufacturers literally have our lives in their hands almost every day. It’s imperative that vehicles be as safe as the manufacturers can make them. Analysts have reported that the encryption and password protections used in financial matters have not yet expanded to cars. It’s understandable, since auto manufactures are more familiar with cars than computers that connect to the Internet, but making any device wireless- or Internet-enabled increases security risks. It should be on the manufacturers to ensure that these products are safe before they are released to market.

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