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Answer the Call Against Bad Medicine!


My advertising firm recently expanded our work in the mass torts arena, with a national television campaign called “Mala Medicina” (Bad Medicine).  We’re running advertising in English and Spanish to reach consumers with information about the adverse effects from “Bad Medicine” or “Bad Medical Procedures,” and we’re connecting consumers with attorneys who can help them find justice.

Bad Medicine applies not only to serious adverse effects from pharmaceutical drugs, but also includes birth injuries in the delivery room and problems with hip replacement devices, among other areas.

The bottom line is some medicines and some medical procedures are creating worse conditions than the original ailment they’re supposed to treat!

Our ads are generating thousands of calls a week, and I’m astounded at the incidences of Bad Medicine and particularly bad medical procedures.

For example, there are cases where consumers are taking drugs to treat Type 2 Diabetes, and are contracting pancreatic and other cancers after taking these medications!  Some consumers undergoing kidney dialysis treatment have experienced heart attacks and cardiac death immediately following dialysis treatment!

A number of calls we receive in our call center focus on birth injuries and complications in the delivery room.  One caller mentioned how the doctor dropped her baby on the floor.  Another mother mentioned how her baby was delivered by C-section, and the doctor pulled the baby out of her womb by the arm. Then she discovered months later that the baby couldn’t move his arm.

According to many of our callers, the question “What’s wrong with my baby?” isn’t getting answered by their doctors.

These consumers have nowhere else to turn, so they’re calling us looking for answers.

Of course, the operators in our 24/7 call center can’t provide medical advice, but I remind them that we can help in other ways.

The job of my advertising firm is to educate consumers on the risks of Bad Medicine, and to connect injured consumers with attorneys who can help.  The attorneys then help find resolution and compensation for these injured consumers.  Ideally, this brings us all closer to breaking the cycle of medical malpractice and/or Bad Medicine.

Connect with me if you’re interested in working together to answer the call against Bad Medicine.