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Automakers to Recall Five Million Vehicles Worldwide Due to Faulty Airbags

Automakers including Honda and Fiat Chrysler are recalling about five million vehicles worldwide due to potentially faulty airbags manufactured by Continental Motor Systems. A semiconductor inside the airbags can corrode, causing the airbags to erroneously deploy or, in some cases, not deploy at all. Fewer than 2 million vehicles with these airbags are in the U.S., according to reports by the New York Times and the Wall St. Journal.

Automakers have linked the Continental airbags to nine injuries. A Continental spokesperson said the company knew of 500 U.S. consumer claims related the issue, but claimed that a majority of claims involved cases where the airbag malfunction light remained illuminated.

Similar to the case with faulty Takata airbags, Continental has allegedly been aware of the defect since January 2008. By March 2008, the company allegedly adopted remedies to fix the problem, but it failed to inform regulators of the problem as required by federal law.

Once again, we have a case where an automaker or an auto parts supplier may have been aware of a defect for years, but covered it up while people died. This is unacceptable.

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