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Category Archives: Client Acquisition

What People Look for in Lawyers

Choosing an attorney for representation during stressful, challenging, and often traumatic times is a huge decision. In such a competitive market, clients also know that they have many firms and lawyers to choose from. Potential clients take many factors into consideration when seeking counsel to help them and protect their rights. Here are a few…

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Inbound Lead Marketing

There’s no question that content is still “king” when it comes to online marketing. Creating fresh, informative, and consistent content is imperative when it comes to expanding your reach, improving traffic, and eventually, generating quality leads. With the industry becoming more and more saturated and competitive, the game is changing. With that said, it might…

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How to Get Clients as a Law Firm

As many attorneys can attest, passing the bar exam is only a fraction of the battle when it comes to starting a career in law. Breaking through such a saturated and competitive industry is definitely not child’s play. Getting through law school and the licensing process is only a precursor to the challenges involved when…

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