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Does Your Law Firm Need a Newsletter?

Law firm newsletters have grown in popularity over the years. If you do not have a system set up to send regular newsletter updates to past clients, current clients, and prospects – it’s time to start! Why is a newsletter necessary if you have already worked with a client or currently work with them? The…

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The Top Email Marketing Mistakes for Lawyers

Email continues to be one of the primary ways law firms retain existing clients and convert prospects into new clients. Done right, email campaigns can boost business and strengthen your practice. Done wrong, they can undermine your credibility and harm the trust your clients have in your firm. Here are a number of email marketing…

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Email Marketing for Lawyers

An increasing number of people rely on the Internet to shop, research, communicate, socialize, and even, look for representation. The success of most businesses, including law firms, greatly relies on an online presence. Email marketing for lawyers can be a lucrative type of content marketing that can help generate quality leads. However, not all forms…

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