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What Your Headshot Says About Your Firm

Headshots are an important part of a law firm’s branding efforts, and may be used beyond the firm’s website. Lawyers may opt to use their official company photo for sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc., making it even more important to capture an image that not only represents each individual, but the firm as well….

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10 Tips to Improve your Attorney Bio

Did you know that attorney bios are the most-read content on a law firm’s website? In fact, they are responsible for more than 60 percent of the site’s total traffic. But if you take a look around the web (even your own site) and compare lawyer bios, you may notice they mostly follow the same…

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Benefits of Pro Bono Legal Work for Your Firm Growth

What is Pro Bono Work? “Pro bono” means “for the public good” and the American Bar Association urges lawyers to take on pro bono work each year in order to serve those who are unable to pay. But solo and startup law firms may approach pro bono work with an attitude of skepticism. A common…

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5 Things to Consider When Joining a Lawyer Directory

Lawyer directories are a form of online marketing that can provide added exposure and an increase in leads. Directories can also rank well in organic Google searches, allowing prospects easy access to members of that list. While there is some debate over how effective lawyer directories are compared to other forms of online marketing, there’s…

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Why You Need to Hire Specialists for Your Law Firm

Lawyers who are considered generalists usually practice within the areas of litigation and corporate law. Real estate has also become more of a generalist practice area these days, as well. On the other hand, niche segments include areas like employment, healthcare, ERISA, bankruptcy, immigration, tax, telecommunications, governmental, white-collar crime, etc. If you are planning to…

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