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Bus Accident Results in $17 Million Jury Verdict

Justice starts with one phone call. This month, Panish, Shea & Boyle, LLP, announced a $17.1 million jury verdict for an 85-year-old injured man who called Walker Advertising in late summer 2012 looking for legal representation.  The man was walking across the street in a crosswalk, when he was hit by a transit bus that…

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Celebrating 30 Years, 30 Seconds at a Time

This year, I’m celebrating the 30th anniversary of Walker Advertising.  I launched my direct-response lead generation company in 1984, with one 30-second TV spot.  Thirty years and hundreds of TV commercials later, Los Defensores and 1-800-THELAW2 are among the most trusted brands in the legal market. This year, I’m commemorating my 30th anniversary with 9…

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Defending the Los Defensores Brand

This year, on our 30th anniversary, we received a great outcome to a legal action we filed to defend our Los Defensores brand.  Los Defensores means The Defenders, and we help defend consumers who have been harmed by car or work accidents or adverse drug effects, by connecting them with attorneys who provide quality legal representation. …

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Answer the Call Against Bad Medicine!

My advertising firm recently expanded our work in the mass torts arena, with a national television campaign called “Mala Medicina” (Bad Medicine).  We’re running advertising in English and Spanish to reach consumers with information about the adverse effects from “Bad Medicine” or “Bad Medical Procedures,” and we’re connecting consumers with attorneys who can help them…

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