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How to Start a Law Firm

Starting any new business takes guts, but when it comes to starting your own law firm, you’ll need an extra dose of grit and the determination to solve problems that arise along the way. Although you may be licensed as an attorney, you’ll soon find yourself carrying out an array of tasks like marketing, office…

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Attorney Advertising Rules in California

Advertising is an important part of gaining new business for any law firm, big or small. Effective ads across various platforms can persuade potential clients that a particular firm is better than the competition, thus increasing business profitability. While attorneys may truthfully advertise legal services, these efforts are subject to California Rule of Professional Conduct…

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What Lawyers Need to Know about Accelerated Mobile Pages

Mobile web users want information fast. In fact, studies show that users will wait only three seconds for a webpage to load before moving on. Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages Project, AMP for short, enables pages to load faster – four times faster than equivalent non-AMP pages. AMP webpages also use about 10 times less data,…

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6 Time Management Hacks for Lawyers

Many times the difference between a struggling attorney and a successful one is time management. In such a demanding industry, this executive functioning skill is absolutely vital for professional growth. For ultimate productivity and efficiency, managing and making the most out of one’s time is a skill that should not be overlooked. The earlier one…

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Medical Mistakes Third Leading Cause of Death in U.S.

Medical mistakes are the third leading cause of death in the U.S. behind lung disease and cancer, according to a new tally of mistakes made in American hospitals. The report estimated medical mistakes cause at least 250,000 deaths per year. Fatal medical mistakes include issues such as patients dying after being given medicine they are…

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