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Marketing Your Law Firm: Balancing Money and Time

Time and money are two of the most important resources for startup companies and individual entrepreneurs. The success of your firm depends on how you allocate your time and your money. Solo practitioners may have a more straightforward path compared to a firm that has a handful of employees. This is simply because an individual…

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How to Determine What Marketing Channels Your Law Firm Should Use

Marketing channels are different delivery methods for putting out messages about your firm to target customers. Common channels include video, email, article/blog content, print methods such as newspaper ads and signs, social media, and online text or display advertising. The marketing options available for law firms may seem endless, especially for startup companies. Instead of…

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Outbound Marketing: Networking events

Why Networking Is Still Important After Law School

As a law student, you may not think it necessary to network during your time in school. But mastering the art of communication and creating strong relationships early in your career is key to learning about great opportunities. Whether you are a first-year student looking to land a summer internship or a practicing attorney ready…

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The Top 10 Tips to Build Your Law Firm Brand

Branding is all of the ways in which you establish an image of your firm in your client’s eyes. Branding your law firm is not an optional activity. Either you control the image of the firm, or circumstances will dictate how others view it. Branding can be an intimidating process because it takes planning, strategy,…

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