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The 11 Most Important Marketing Tips New Lawyers Need to Know

After years spent studying, the reality of putting the law into practice is exciting! You may be ready to start taking on cases and building an impressive name for yourself. But if you notice that prospects are skeptical about your ability to help them due to your inexperience, do not be discouraged! Utilize some of…

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car accident on road

The Most Common Days and Times for Car Accidents

Law firms that specialize in specific practice areas must have comprehensive knowledge of the circumstances surrounding these events, including the days and timeframe around their standard occurrences. When it comes to winning auto accident leads, for example, the chances of engaging a serious prospect increases if your team can identify the geographic areas, days, and…

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Should Law Firms Pay for Legal Leads?

If your law firm is debating whether to buy leads or put the effort into building them instead, it’s important to understand how the buying process works, and some pros and cons. The pay-per-lead (PPL) generation business consists of paying a fee to an outside vendor for each lead they send your way. As with…

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How Lawyers can Take Great Photographs

Image is everything. Portraying a professional, successful, and approachable image should play a role in your marketing strategy. Apart from your website’s homepage, the most viewed pages are usually attorney bios. Visual elements such as photographs are essential to your website (and overall online presence) because your potential clients want to see whom they might…

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Legal Marketing Tactics to Drop in 2017 for Small Firms

Running a startup law firm requires the ability to focus on different facets of the business at once. Too much emphasis on hiring the best and brightest might mean less budget for marketing, while renting out a large suite can mean less funds for joining relevant networking organizations. The success of your firm is a…

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