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Attorney Advertising Laws in Texas

The Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct requires lawyers to file a copy of most public media advertisements and solicitation communications with the Advertising Review Committee prior to dissemination, or concurrently. Attorney advertising laws in Texas are quite restrictive, but as a solo or small firm, you can stay in full compliance while still having…

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How to do Law Marketing on a Budget

Law marketing on a budget is how many startup firms begin to grow their business. Before throwing money into various marketing channels, a new firm should create a business plan that incorporates funds for a few traditional and digital marketing channels. These channels may vary for each practice based on geographic location, areas of specialization,…

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Why Logos and Branding Matter for your Law Firm

Branding refers to how a firm projects their identity during marketing efforts. Some firms thrive on their traditional image, while others want to show an ability to take on any case that comes their way. One of the core elements to branding is a firm’s logo because it emphasizes the characteristics and qualities of the…

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The 10 Most Effective Ways to Build a Client’s Trust Online

The success of a business depends on factors like marketing, hiring top employees, the extent of competition, the quality of products and services, and customer service. The last element is crucial for law firms because trust and brand loyalty leads to customer referrals. Trust can be tough to earn, but very easy to break. If…

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2016 Marketing Takeaways for Lawyers

As we turn the calendar page over to a new year, it’s worth taking a look at last year’s marketing trends and how they carry over into 2017. The Importance of Marketing on Mobile Devices Virtually all Americans now own a mobile device. As users turn more and more to these devices for purchases and…

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