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How Much Money Should Lawyers Invest in PPC?

There are about 1.2 million lawyers that practice in the U.S. Such volume is great for consumers and businesses looking for representation, but the high level of competition can make it tough for solo and small firms to compete. Pay per click (PPC) ads can be a useful tactic to address this challenge and reach…

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Top PPC Mistakes Lawyers Should Avoid in 2017

If your law firm is marketing actively in the digital space, you’re probably using some form of pay-per-click advertising. Here are some top PPC mistakes you should try to avoid this year.  Writing ad copy that doesn’t cut it It goes without saying that your PPC ad copy should be attention-grabbing. After all, you usually…

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Paid Search Strategies for Lawyers in 2017

If you’re already using internet advertising such as Google’s AdWords to promote your law firm’s services, then you know how important it is to have an active online presence. As more and more clients turn to smartphones to find representation, you’ll want to be front and center in their search engines. Firms not using paid…

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How to use Retargeting to Dramatically Increase Legal Leads

Law firm marketing is an extremely unique animal. Marketing for lawyers does not employ the same approach as any other industry. The reason for this is that most people searching for lawyers are doing so because they find themselves in a corner where they have to find representation. As an attorney, you are dealing with…

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PPC Advertising for Lawyers

Pay-Per-Click advertising can be a very confusing and ever-changing topic for attorneys. With so many cases and other aspects of marketing, attorneys are struggling with deciphering what the best method of lawyer PPC advertising is for their firm. Pay-per-click (PPC) can be a vital part of a law firm’s marketing strategy.   What is PPC?…

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