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Why Online Reviews Matter for Your Law Firm in 2017

Law firms have traditionally relied on word-of-mouth marketing to get new customers in the door. These days, there’s a modern version of this concept, better known as online reviews. If your firm is not paying attention to online reviews, you are ignoring elements of both marketing and sales. According to BrightLocal.com, a company that focuses…

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How to Properly Handle Negative Reviews of your Law Firm Online

The online reputation of any business in important now more than ever, but especially for law firms because the commitment involved is a big decision. Unlike other products and services, a client is not able to request a return or demand their money back simply because they didn’t like the outcome. Any serious prospect will…

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How to Best Motivate Clients to Leave a Review

Think about the last time you purchased a product or service without seeking feedback from friends, family members, or online reviews. Can you even remember how long ago that was, or what you were buying? In today’s world, nearly everyone is connected to vast amounts of information within just a few clicks. Reviews matter as…

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How to Handle Negative Reviews of your Law Firm

Negative reviews are inevitable. When dealing with so many different individuals with various challenges, it isn’t realistic to expect glowing reviews with every case. With the Internet at almost every individual’s fingertips, there are countless review sites available for clients to leave their feedback, both negative and positive, regarding their experience with your firm. Although…

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