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Why https Matters for Lawyers

In the digital age, technology is changing so rapidly that it is often hard to keep up with the latest in Internet marketing. Of course, as many of us know, an innovative marketing plan that includes all of the latest updates and recommendations is essential for the success of any firm in today’s industry. With…

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SEO for Lawyers

When prospective clients seek representation, many look to the Internet to find quality counsel. Search engines continue to be a top choice for locating attorneys and learning more about firms. If you’re looking to capture online traffic and convert online visitors into prospective clients, it is imperative that you optimize your firm’s presence online. Attorneys,…

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Law Firm Landing Page Best Practices

Many attorneys may have heard that a quality law firm landing page is essential to any effective digital marketing campaign. What does this even mean? For those trying to familiarize themselves with digital marketing and law firm landing page best practices, these terms can be confusing and overwhelming.   What are landing pages? Landing pages…

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How Your Law Firm Can Get More Online Reviews

Online reviews are an essential tool for any law firm. Many people look to review sites to gain insight on products and services before committing. In such a saturated and competitive industry, client reviews can truly set your firm apart from your competitors. Positive reviews can lead to more site visitors and higher conversion rates….

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Top 5 Local SEO Myths Law Firms Shouldn’t Fall For

When it comes to local Search Engine Optimization, there are many misconceptions. To clear up the confusion, we are debunking these top 5 local SEO myths: Posting on Google+ will help improve rankings. Although this would be a nice touch for many firms looking to market their brand, it is a complete myth that posting…

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