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Common Lawyer Marketing Mistakes

Creating a comprehensive marketing campaign for your law firm can be challenging. If successful, your marketing efforts can generate quality leads and increase your caseload dramatically. With so many components involved, however, there is a potential for confusion or error. Along with being a great attorney, marketing your business and remaining business-minded is also a huge part of the career that law school doesn’t necessarily prepare you for.

Protect the financial success of your practice by avoiding these marketing mistakes:


1. Not Honing in on a Key Practice Area

Contrary to what many new lawyers make think, choosing a more niche practice area is actually more appealing to potential clients. Prospective clients prefer practices with a specialty. This results in easier accessibility since focused practice areas help you stand out in such a competitive industry. A targeted marketing strategy is always a good idea. The more specific, the better.


2. Avoiding or neglecting social media.

The world has gone social. Everything from how we communicate with clients, colleagues, and brands has taken to the social media platform. The conversations have changed and every brand and business has become extremely accessible and relatable. With that said, it is imperative that you have a strong social media presence. Not only is it important to have profiles on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+, but keeping them up and maintaining your pages is also crucial to the success of your marketing plan. Aim to keep posts consistent. If you are comfortable with once-a-month posts, make sure you maintain that consistency so clients know what to expect. The purpose of social media is to build relationships and establish connections. This can’t be done without consistency and reliability.


3. Ignoring the data.

It is a mistake to merely create a marketing plan and fail to measure the results. In any business, data is incredibly valuable. Analyzing what works and what doesn’t by keeping a consistent watch on “the numbers” can make all the difference. One of the most important aspects of improving a marketing strategy is analyzing the numbers and measuring results.


4. Using too much “legal talk.”

Always keep in mind that it is likely that most of the visitors on your site are not attorneys. This means that legal jargon doesn’t have any kind of weight or importance to those who are not well-versed in the terminology and concepts of law. They are looking to your site to provide them with information they can understand. It is extremely beneficial to break down the material and provide resources in a language that is more accessible to the average community member. Websites that are more difficult to read will more often than not, turn away visitors.


5. Taking on too much.

If you’re new to online marketing, be careful not to bite off more than you can chew. Often times, many attorneys create a brand new marketing strategy that covers all types of marketing. This will give you quantity, but definitely not quality. Don’t spread yourself too thin, especially when tackling the unfamiliar and often confusing world of marketing. It is wiser and more beneficial to focus on a few aspects of a marketing strategy and perfecting those before you move on to other areas of improvement. For example, if you’re working on improving and optimizing your site, take the time to really do that well instead of trying to create newsletters, email marketing campaigns, and improving social media pages all at the same time.