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Conviction Reversed in Crash due to Faulty GM Ignition Switch

I’m pleased to see that a woman convicted of involuntary manslaughter has had her conviction reversed after a judge determined a faulty GM ignition switch in her vehicle contributed to a crash. LaKisha Ward-Green was driving a 2007 Chevy Cobalt when she crashed into a school bus and a utility pole, killing a passenger in the vehicle. Both Ward-Green and the family of her teenage passenger received an undisclosed sum from a compensation fund set up by GM for victims or the families of victims who have been injured by the defect. In 2014, GM recalled 2.6 million small cars such as Ward-Green’s Chevy Cobalt over ignition switches that could shut off while the car was in operation, cutting power to the vehicle.

Too many vehicles on our roads have been recalled in recent years, some for issues that pose a substantial safety risk, such as exploding airbags, electrical fires, hacking risks, and more. Consumers deserve the assurance that their vehicles are safe. The last thing people need is for safety defects that could make it more likely for them to be in a crash.

I’m proud of Walker Advertising’s work to defend victims or the families of victims who have been killed in traffic accidents. If you are an attorney who is interested in helping victims, please call 1-800-4WALKER or email moreinfo@walkeradvertising.com.