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Defending Against Police Brutality

It seems like every day the news is filled with more stories about police brutality or police misconduct. Even as I type this, Baltimore is still dealing with the aftermath of riots over the death of a Freddie Gray, a young African America man, while in police custody.

The frequency of these stories suggests this type of abuse has been happening for years and is only now reaching national consciousness. The police unquestionably have a tough job, but their purpose is to serve and protect us. Police officers aren’t supposed to be another thing for people to fear, particularly when they harass and abuse people while acting from a position of authority.

I’m proud of Walker Advertising’s work to connect victims of police brutality with attorneys to represent their case. In the first quarter alone, we generated approximately 70 police brutality leads, including cases involving deaths, for our attorney partners. Given the extensive news coverage, I suspect the number of police brutality cases will continue to grow.

Contact us if you’re interested in helping protect our community against police abuse.