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Drivers Find Loved Ones More Distracting Than Work

Drivers find loved ones more distracting than work while they are behind the wheel, according to a survey by the National Safety Council. Eighty-two percent of Americans said their families pressured them to drive distracted, while only 54% of drivers cited work.

Among teens, 73% of drivers cited friends as a source of pressure to engage in distracted driving, while only 71% cited family as a source of pressure.

Alarmingly, 74% of drivers indicated they would use Facebook while driving.

Distracted driving sometimes seems to be an epidemic in America. With the seemingly ever-growing number of devices and features in our cars—radios, GPS, smartphones, temperature controls, volume controls, ect.—it’s no wonder that distracted driving is a factor in so many crashes. If you are an attorney who would like to join the Walker network and help car crash victims, please call 1-800-4WALKER or email