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Improved Healthcare for Undocumented Immigrants in CA

I was pleased to see that a group of 35 counties in California has decided to offer primary healthcare care to undocumented immigrants. Apart from being beneficial from a cost standpoint and for the community—it’s cheaper than emergency rooms and helps prevent the spread of communicable diseases—it’s simply the right thing to do. People’s access to medical care should not be based on their citizenship status or ability to pay.

Adequate health care should be a human right. Unfortunately, there are more barriers to good quality health care than just having the correct documentation and a thick wallet. Sometimes, the very medicine people are relying on for help hurts them instead. That’s where Walker Advertising comes in. We’re always ready to help victims, regardless of whether they were injured in a car accident, on the job, or by a pharmaceutical device or other form of medication.

If you’re an attorney who would like to help victims, regardless of how they were injured, please email or call 1-800-4WALKER.