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How to Get Clients as a Law Firm

As many attorneys can attest, passing the bar exam is only a fraction of the battle when it comes to starting a career in law. Breaking through such a saturated and competitive industry is definitely not child’s play. Getting through law school and the licensing process is only a precursor to the challenges involved when it comes to building a successful firm of your own.

Many emerging attorneys worry about how to get clients as a law firm. Although the process can be challenging, there are many ways new lawyers can attract clients and generate quality leads. Here are some tips on how to get reach those clients and start building your case load, one client at a time.

Educate Yourself on Business Practices

To build and grow a successful law firm, you must immerse yourself in business. Not only will you be required to be a lawyer, but it is also essential for you to be a good businessman. Law school doesn’t provide the extensive business knowledge needed to create a thriving firm. Legal practices involve many, if not all, of the same elements that are associated with other traditional business. This includes marketing, managing staff, billing, networking, hiring and firing, and much more. To ensure that you are prepared for these aspects of starting a law firm, take online courses, take to reading material, or consult with your business savvy friends and family members for advice.

Capitalize on Your Network

Beyond studying, extensive networking is the key to being a successful law student and the same applies to your success as a lawyer. To launch your firm and gain clients, it is imperative to collect all of your contacts and create a growing list of professionals you have met or come in contact with. Keep this list on-hand and work hard to add to your modern-day Rolodex. This will be an extremely valuable source when it comes to generating leads and growing your case load.

Announce Your Arrival

Chances are, new lawyers who are shy about announcing that they are starting a firm will not be very successful in launching and growing their practice. If potential clients do not know your firm exists, they simply cannot look to you for representation. It’s that simple.. This means, contacting everyone on that contact list and letting them know that your firm has arrived and you are ready to take on new clients. Although email is a great way to communicate, personalized – stationery still goes a long way. Consider investing in paper goods and sending old-fashioned, quality correspondence.

Don’t Spam or Solicit

Networking is essential to your success, but make sure you are not spamming or being too invasive through email or social media. There is such a thing as too many emails or posts. Not having proper etiquette and being too “pushy” will harm rather than help your business.

Value Referrals Above All Else

Whether you’re a new or veteran attorney, referrals and word of mouth recommendations are still the most powerful form of marketing. The first step is to ensure that you gain these glowing referrals by providing the best possible service and commitment you can when you do attain the clients you are aiming for. Next, is to be grateful and communicate your appreciation for each and every referral or good review. Thank you cards hold a lot of weight when it comes to this. Get in the habit of sending a personalized note thanking past clients or connections for their recommendation. Lastly, create a system where you can collect and use accolades in your marketing strategy. You can do this by including reviews and testimonials on your website, creating accounts on review sites like Yelp, and being active on your social media pages.