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GM Sees New Ignition Switch Problem

General Motors (GM) is recalling about 3,300 trucks and SUVs over a new ignition switch problem. The issue is similar to GM’s previous ignition switch issue, when cars would suddenly turn off while they were in operation. In this case, the ignition can get stuck in the on position, and then slip into the accessory position when jostled, causing the vehicle to stall. When this happens, it  disables the power steering and power brakes. Luckily, the company appears to have caught the issue before anyone got hurt.

The auto manufacturer is also recalling more than 400 vehicles as part of the ever-widening Takata airbag recall. This recall is notable because it involves 2015 model vehicles, which are considerably newer than a majority of affected vehicles. This further broadens the trend of newer vehicles being impacted, and may indicate that there will be additional problems further down the line.

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