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How to Handle Negative Reviews of your Law Firm

Negative reviews are inevitable. When dealing with so many different individuals with various challenges, it isn’t realistic to expect glowing reviews with every case. With the Internet at almost every individual’s fingertips, there are countless review sites available for clients to leave their feedback, both negative and positive, regarding their experience with your firm.

Although negative feedback or any kind of constructive criticism can be difficult to receive, when treated properly, the experience can actually serve as an opportunity to improve your business and establish your character as a professional.

When you do receive a less-than-perfect review, there’s no need to fret. If you’re wondering how to handle negative reviews of your law firm, the first plan of action is to address the issue directly. Monitoring and maintaining your image on the Internet is actually a crucial aspect of growing as a business.

Begin controlling your online reputation by keeping the following tips in mind:

Google your firm.

The first step in monitoring your business reviews is to conduct a simple search. Look up your name or the name of your firm on search engines like Google to get insight on what comes up when others look up your business.

You can also create alerts that will notify you every time your name comes up on the search engine to keep up with new information.

Don’t neglect or underestimate social media.

People often head to social media sites to review or comment on attorneys. Search sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to see if your name has been mentioned. Sites like Hootsuite will help you keep track of information, and similar to alerts, are designed to notify you when new mentions of your firm arise.

Read the comments.

Posting on your blog or sharing content on social media, is only a part of the process. Engaging with your posts is an essential way to control and monitor what people are saying about your brand and business. Take the time to read and respond to the comments and interact with readers.

Monitor review sites.

Visit popular review sites like Yelp, Facebook, and Google to monitor and respond to reviews of your firm. Sharing positive reviews on your social media pages and websites can be extremely beneficial. This gives prospective clients insight on first-hand accounts of your services.

When faced with negative reviews, make the best out of the situation and come up with an action plan. Respond quickly and take responsibility for any critique that holds truth. Create solution-based responses that not only admit to your mistakes without any excuses, but also offer a resolution to the situation so an unhappy client can transform into a returning client.

This type of plan will also set a good precedent for prospective clients. It is important to handle these matters proactively and efficiently at all times. Leave emotions out of it, and don’t take anything personally.