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Honda Expands Airbag Recall to Newer Vehicles

In a sign that the ongoing issues with Takata airbags could get worse before they get better, Honda has expanded its airbag recall to newer vehicles. While a majority of the vehicles recalled over the airbags were manufactured in the early 2000s, Honda recently recalled 4.5 million vehicles made between 2007-2011. None of the vehicles in this most recent recall were in North America, but the recall suggests the possibility that the problems with the airbags will continue to grow.

Takata has rejected a U.S. senator’s request to create a compensation fund for victims of the faulty airbags, saying that management will continue evaluating the possibility of creating such a fund. The manufacturer also said that it felt existing litigation procedures allowing for the consolidation of legal cases were sufficient to adequately address victims’ claims, at least for now.

I am astonished by Takata’s apparently callous actions. The last thing innocent victims and their families deserve is to be dragged to court in order to receive compensation for their and their loved one’s injuries due to an allegedly defective product. The scope of related auto recalls has only continued to expand. In the U.S., faulty Takata airbags have been linked to eight fatalities and more than 100 injuries. Sadly, I expect these numbers will continue to rise.

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