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How to Improve Your Legal Website’s Clickthrough Rate (CTR)

Clickthrough rate is an important measure related to the effectiveness of your online ad campaign. If you can’t get your target client to click your ad, your efforts are being wasted and there’s a good chance you are losing potential clients to your competition. Enhance your “clickability” with a few easy fixes and take your firm to the next level.

Create Strong Calls to Action (CTAs)

First, evaluate your calls to action (CTA). To get a prospect engaged with your brand early in the process, place CTA messages throughout your content, not just at the very end. Diversify the key phrases you use to reach out to them instead of the same call to action over and over again. Incorporate all the benefits of working with your firm that distinguishes you from prime competitors. Prospects are more likely to click to your site when they understand what’s in it for them.

Next, include a special offer in your headline. Don’t just leave these enticing details for the body of your content. Condense an offer into a short sentence or phase because sometimes the headline of your ad is the first (and sometimes, only) content people will read. Prospects may be more intrigued by results that offer a discount, consultation, or free service, thus leading to more clicks. If your firm is offering a discount of some sort, include details regarding the percentage or dollar amount because numbers tend to perform well when inserted into headlines.

Keywords in the URL

Another simple and effective tip to improve website CTR is to place your main keyword in the display URL. The URL is part of your ad text, and should be fully utilized to drive more clicks – especially since ads have character limitations on each line. There is a greater chance of someone clicking on an ad that displays a URL such as www.xyz.com/DivorceLawyers versus www.xyz.com. The former example tells prospects exactly what they can expect when they get to your website, while the latter sample is generic and does not offer any indication of what you do.

Supercharge Your Display Ads

Finally, when creating your display ad, place a period at the end of the first description line. You are limited to 25 characters in the headline, while description lines allow for 35. By adding a period to the end of line one, the line is scooped into the headline space when the ad appears in the top spots on search engine results page (SERPs). This hack automatically gives you the advantage of 10 extra characters in your ad, which is significant since clients are making decisions based on just a few words.

Having high ad CTR leads to a whole host of benefits like increased site traffic (and possibly increased client conversions), increased quality scores, and reduced CPC costs. Improve your odds of getting a click over your competition by incorporating these easy tips.