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How Your Law Firm Can Get More Online Reviews

Online reviews are an essential tool for any law firm. Many people look to review sites to gain insight on products and services before committing. In such a saturated and competitive industry, client reviews can truly set your firm apart from your competitors. Positive reviews can lead to more site visitors and higher conversion rates. Ultimately, the goal of any practice is to generate quality leads. Increase online reviews to gain the trust of prospective clients and expand your caseload. If you’re wondering how you can increase online reviews, here are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind:

  • Utilize the power of social media. Not only do many social media sites, like Facebook, provide a platform for client reviews, they allow firms to communicate with current, former, and potential clients on a daily basis. Updating your social media platforms often and producing regular content will remind clients of your services, and increase the chances of getting more reviews.
  • Be thankful. Showing public appreciation through newsletters, social media platforms, and your website remind clients of your appreciation for their honest feedback. You can do this by simply thanking those who took the time to comment on their experience. This will encourage more clients to leave a review.
  • Provide direct links on your website to make the process of leaving a review easy and accessible.
  • Include links to your site on your business cards and make it a point to hand out more cards.
  • Personalize your requests for reviews. Instead of sending a generic mass email, reach out to individual clients and let them know that their personal feedback is appreciated.
  • Don’t settle for your current number of reviews, no matter the volume. Although it is great to have many reviews from past clients, you want to ensure that you have feedback from recent clients.
  • Follow the rules. Although some sites do not have any specific rules for asking clients for reviews, Yelp in particular, has a distinct policy for requests. You cannot ask “Yelpers” for reviews. You can, however, let clients know that your firm is on Yelp which will make them more inclined to rate their experience.
  • Respond to negative reviews and always keep it professional. Undesirable feedback is inevitable. When dealing with so many different individuals during times of need, there will be clients who are dissatisfied with their experience. It is important to respond to these reviews in a respectful, graceful manner. You will only add negativity to the feedback if you respond defensively or receive the client’s insight as a personal attack. This is a great opportunity to show potential clients your attentiveness and professionalism. Also, by offering a solution or giving the dissatisfied client an opportunity to resolve the issue, you will increase the chance of a revision or updated feedback that is more positive.