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Kia Recalls Vehicles Over Roll-Away Risk

Kia recalls 377,000 vehicles over roll-away risk. The auto manufacturer said it had received multiple complaints about the issue, including three reports of injuries. The recall affects some of its 2011-2013 Sorentos. Kia said the roll-away risk was due to the gearshift interlock system, which requires drivers to apply the brake before the car can be shifted out of park, becoming damaged after drivers applied “excessive force” while changing gears. In terms of the things I least want my vehicle to do, unexpectedly rolling away is near the top of the list, along with unintended acceleration, unintended braking, and the engine shutting off while the vehicle is in operation. I want my car to be safe, and I want any vehicle my children ride in to be safe. Sadly, these recalls and safety lapses seem to be becoming all too common. The last thing we need is for our roads to become even more dangerous due to unsafe vehicles. At Walker Advertising, we strive to defend auto accident victims. If you are an attorney who would like to help people who have been injured in auto accidents, please call 1-800-4WALKER or email