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Latino Marketing

As the fastest-growing community in the country, the Hispanic population in the United States is a niche market that requires specific marketing strategies that will successfully reach the community. In order to generate quality leads through Latino Marketing, there are many methods that prove to be most effective. Here are a few strategies to keep in mind for firms trying to reach this target audience:

Create focused, community-specific campaigns

The Hispanic community varies greatly by area, religion, ethnicity, and community. Remember that you are connecting with a wide range of nationalities, traditions, and cultures. Depending on the community that is being targeted, campaigns should be specific and localized.

Consider a bilingual call center

Remove the language barriers with a 24/7 bilingual call center. Walker Advertising can help you bridge this gap and connect with the Hispanic community. Our call center never sleeps. Literally. It’s open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and staffed by a friendly, helpful team of bilingual associates who are the first touch-point for potential clients. They carefully and caringly help every individual before live connecting pre-qualified leads to our attorney members’ offices.

Get Involved

To reach the community, you should be a part of it. With so many community events, there are multiple opportunities for advertisement through social functions in various Hispanic communities. Connect with well-known Hispanic public figures and businesses that will help your target audience familiarize with your firm and services.

Create a Social Media Presence

The best way to reach a target audience is through various social media platforms. The way we communicate has drastically changed. Community members look to sources like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to learn about various businesses. Connecting with the Hispanic Community online is an essential part of helping your firm reach its target audience. Social media will allow your practice to directly connect and engage with the various cultures and values throughout the Latino community.

Look to a professional for innovative TV and media campaigns

Walker Advertising is a full-service advertising agency who has built two trusted legal brands. Through Los Defensores and – 1-800-THE-LAW2, we give community members unparalleled access to attorney members. Our media department does more than plan and purchase media; they eat, sleep, and breathe media in English and Spanish. They are consistently evaluating media strategies to ensure that the message is delivering maximum results by reaching the right people most often. With so many years of experience and industry expertise, Walker Advertising gains the attention of the community and generates leads to your firm through highly competitive lawyer TV commercials. Our widespread influence grants us the power to connect the Hispanic community with the representation they’re looking for. With our campaigns, you will maximize your investment, and your firm will be ahead of the game.