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Latinos Big Gainers Under Obamacare, Study Finds

Latinos were big gainers under Obamacare, with Hispanics accounting for nearly one-third of the increase in adults with health insurance, according to an analysis by The New York Times. That’s the largest share of any racial or ethnic group, surpassing Latinos’ 17% share of the overall population.

Of the 8.7 million people who got health insurance in 2014, 1.2 million were non-citizens. Latinos accounted for about 60% of those noncitizens. While people who are in the country illegally are not eligible for health insurance under the law, legal immigrants who have been in the country for upward of five years are eligible for coverage.

As of 2014, Latinos remained the least insured group of Americans, with only 67% having health coverage. This is partially because many undocumented immigrants are uninsured.

I’m heartened to see that so many people were helped under this new healthcare law. Healthcare is a right, not a privilege, and it should not be restricted based on income or immigration status.