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Why Lawyers Need a FAQ Page & How to do it Well

Improve your firm’s online marketing strategy with informative content that will answer all of the questions prospective clients may have. When looking for representation, there are multiple reasons for potential clients to click out of a firm’s website. With so many options, attorney websites have only a few seconds to get the attention of a visitor.

Creating content that provides detailed information will make your website a valuable resource for visitors. Helpful, informative content can be provided in the form of blog posts and category pages. Another way to tackle some of the common questions that your firm receives is

Another way to tackle some of the common questions that your firm receives is with a Frequently Asked Questions page. Although this can be an overlooked element, it can be extremely beneficial. Generate quality leads and increase your case-load by answering the questions you receive most. A good lawyer FAQ page can actually be a lucrative investment of your time.

Here are three reasons why lawyers need a FAQ page:

1. They make your firm more visible.

FAQ content pages increase the chance of a client finding your firm when searching for legal counsel. Since there is a high chance that you’ll be covering common questions that clients will look to Google to answer, their search can very well lead to your firm’s Frequently Asked Questions page. Although you want to cover commonly asked questions, this doesn’t necessarily mean you should cover broad topics. Just like any other content page, narrowing in on a more specific topic will increase your chances of ranking higher on Google.

2. It tackles multiple topics in one page.

Although blog posts are an excellent way to provide informative content for your clients, increase visibility, and rank higher, they can be limiting. The reason a blog post can be limiting is because it is a more in-depth report of one or two topics. On the other hand, a Frequently Asked Questions page can highlight and cover multiple questions and facts. Simply said, you can cover more ground with an FAQ page. With such a broad range of information, clients will be more inclined to contact your practice.

3. FAQs can offer clarity and more accurate expectations.

Many times, clients will visit a firm’s website prior to the initial consultation. When you include a FAQ page on your site, visitors can get an understanding of what they can expect from their first visit and overall experience with your firm. A lot of frequently asked questions involve fees and processes. With prior knowledge regarding these practices, clients will have clearer expectations, which will help prevent discrepancies and misunderstanding.

Overall, if you are considering an FAQ page for your firm’s website, don’t hesitate. The more clients know about your practice, the more likely they will be to contact you. During difficult times, people have endless questions and concerns. By creating a site that provides prospective clients with the information they are searching for, you are one step closer to gaining their trust. When visiting websites, visitors want to receive as much authentic information as possible. Informative content makes our firm more accessible and resourceful for community members.