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4 Lead Capture Strategies for Lawyers

 A law practice’s success relies on lead generation.. With so many firms competing for the same clients, how can you distinguish your practice enough to get the competitive edge you need? Here are four lawyer lead capture strategies designed to give you a leg up on the competition and boost the success of your practice.


Focus on their issue and how you can help

People want cars. They want TVs and boats and houses. What they don’t want, if they can help it, is to have to hire an attorney. But they do so because they have a problem that needs to be solved.

Gaining a new client isn’t as simple as advertising the areas of law you specialize in and the years you’ve been practicing.. What people want to know is that you can solve their specific problem – their DUI, their divorce, their child custody issue, their bankruptcy, their personal injury claim. They want to know you understand their problem and can deal with it so they can get back to their normal lives.

Your overall approach – whether on the internet, on the phone or in person – should always be on the client, on the problem they have and how you can help solve it.


Design your website with lead conversion in mind.

For nearly all prospective clients, your website is the welcome mat of your practice. Your site needs to be not only aesthetically pleasing but also strategically designed to get clients in the door. It’s also a major investment. If your site is not making you a return on that investment by converting prospects into clients, then it’s time to change it.

People want to know whether they can trust you to take on their problem. Rather than touting your own accomplishments, you might consider writing a blog that discusses issues clients want to know about.

You’ll want to establish client trust in other ways, too. You can do so by displaying reviews and testimonials prominently on your website. You might also offer case studies to show how you’ve solved clients’ problems. (Of course, due to privacy issues, you would want to fictionalize these.)

A fleshed out “About Us” page can also build trust, including photos of you and others on your team. Don’t forget to include a clickable contact number on every page so that people can call with a single button tap on their mobile device.


Optimize your lead capture form.

One of the primary tools of attorney lead capturing is including a lead capture form on your website. This can be easily accomplished using a notification bar, a strip that runs across the top (or bottom) of your website pages. It typically works as a way for visitors to sign up for more information or request contact from you. Hello Bar is by far the most popular design tool of this kind.

You might also consider incorporating a sidebar on your website with a very simple call to action box. Every single page of your website should contain this box. The text inside the box should let prospective clients know how much easier their lives might be if they hire you.

Wherever your form resides, don’t overcomplicate things. Ask for only the essential information, like their name, email address and maybe their phone number. Any other important information can be acquired later.


Create ad campaigns that target – and follow – prospective clients.

Driving traffic to your website, and ultimately to you, requires targeted ad campaigns that address clients’ problems. Whether you use TV, print or internet advertising, you should focus on how you can solve your client’s problem.

Digital advertising provides a prime opportunity for lawyer lead recapturing as well. When a prospective client sees your ad and clicks through to visit your landing page, you can “tag” their browser. This makes it possible for you to position ads that show up in their search pages for the next few weeks.

Imagine you are a prospective client looking for a divorce attorney, and an article about how to get a no-hassle divorce popped up on your Facebook feed. Wouldn’t you click it? Of course you would. Such an article would include a link to the same lawyer landing page the prospect had visited before, driving them back to your practice. It’s a proven way to recapture a lead and convert a prospect into a client.