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The Little Things that Make a Big Difference for Clients

Think about your interactions with various companies on a daily basis – the service at your coffee spot, a recommendation by your local butcher, or the cleanliness of your hair salon. The atmosphere and attitude of the places and people you encounter may seem insignificant, but they play a big part in your overall satisfaction with a business.

Likewise, your clients are evaluating your law firm based on their overall experience – from the manner in which they are greeted to reminders on required paperwork. The things you may think are insignificant play an important part in overall client satisfaction.

What Little Things Will Make a Big Difference to Your Clients?

  1. Regular check-ins. Customers want to feel appreciated all year long – not just when you are working on their case. Call, email, or have coffee with them on a regular basis. This may even lead to referrals.
  2. Value-add. Impress new clients by handling their case in a VIP manner, and going above and beyond by giving them advice on future projects, making a key introduction, or providing another service free of charge.
  3. Professional Greeting. Set up a standard procedure for greeting clients in a courteous and professional manner – both in person and over the phone. Examples include making it a rule not to keep clients holding longer than a specific period of time, offering them a beverage upon arrival, pulling their files ahead of time to have background information on any questions they may ask, etc.
  4. Appealing Décor. Pay attention to cleanliness, clutter, and comfort in your office. If one or more of these elements are not to the highest quality, it will eventually affect the reputation of your law firm.
  5. Be a Helpful Resource. Are there road closures or is loud construction taking place around the office? Don’t subject your clients to these annoyances. Call them to advise on an alternate route to make their lives easier, or to schedule your meeting at a quiet coffee shop. Your clients will appreciate the thought you have put into their convenience.
  6. Send them Cards/Gifts. A client relationship is like any other relationship – it must be cultivated to grow stronger. Send birthday greetings to your clients, and even presents on the anniversary of their first meeting with your firm.
  7. Respond Quickly. Let clients know they are a priority by responding to their messages as soon as possible, including weekends and overnight hours.