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New Rules for Los Angeles County Deputies To Combat Police Discrimination

Latinos and African Americans in California’s High Desert area should be able to breathe easier following a recent settlement between Los Angeles County and the federal government concerning police discrimination. While the settlement does not include an admission of wrongdoing by the county, it includes a $700,000 payment for victims and changes to police policy. The county is expected to take four years to fulfill the deal.

Deputies in the High Desert had been known for their harsh policing tactics that singled out Hispanics and African Americans, particularly if they lived in subsidized housing. A June 2013 report describing the alleged civil rights violations noted deputies used excessive force, including using a fist to strike handcuffed people in the head or face. In another alleged instance, a police officer pepper-sprayed a man while he was restrained after he spit on them.

The settlement included about 150 requirements, an estimated one-third of which have already been implemented, according to Sheriff Jim McDonnell.

This settlement is long overdue. It also serves as an important reminder that, while the general public most frequently associates police discrimination with African Americans, Latinos could suffer from police abuse as well. This is why what Walker Advertising and our attorney partners do is so important. No one deserves to live in fear of being mistreated by the police because of the color of their skin or the language they speak.

If you want to know more about how to help victims of police discrimination or brutality, contact us at 1-800-4WALKER or email aoesterle@walkeradvertising.com.