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Los Angeles County Leads Nation in Pedestrian Fatalities

Los Angeles County led the nation in pedestrian fatalities in 2014, according to the Auto Insurance Center (AIC). That year, 281 pedestrians died in crashes in Los Angeles, a number the AIC attributed to Southern California’s mix of heavy traffic and a high population.

Arizona’s Maricopa County ranked second in the nation in pedestrian fatalities, although Los Angeles had three times as many pedestrian deaths as Maricopa.

Los Angeles wasn’t alone in Southern California in having a high number of pedestrian deaths—San Diego County ranked fourth with 84 deaths, while San Bernardino County came in sixth with 66 pedestrian fatalities.

AIC speculated that other large cities such as Boston, New York and Seattle may have seen fewer pedestrian deaths than L.A. due to higher use of public transportation.

Pedestrians should always exercise care when in crosswalks, but sadly, it seems as though many motorists do not return the favor.

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