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Marketing for Lawyers

Marketing for lawyers is a key element in the growth and success of any firm. Dedication, service, and experience will not lead to progress without influential and innovative marketing campaigns. The right advertising will give potential clients access to the services your practice provides. With so many techniques and resources available today, it can be challenging to choose which marketing strategies are best for your firm.

If you’re thinking of creating a more comprehensive marketing plan, here are a few areas you should have covered:


One of the most important elements to consider when setting the right strategies is your online presence. It is absolutely essential for you to become relevant and accessible in the digital world.

A firm’s website says a lot about them. With so many options available, there is no reason not to have a website. Although a tasteful business card can still go a long way, practices that cannot be found online are nearly obsolete. Keep in mind that all websites are not created equal. If you haven’t updated your site since the year 2000, you need an immediate upgrade. Make sure your firm’s website is innovative, fresh, easy-to-use, informative, and above all, searchable. Search engine optimization helps lead those looking for representation to attorneys like you.

Exceptional Service

Although latest marketing trends are constantly evolving, one of the most effective marketing strategies continues to be extraordinary service and high success rates. Happy clients lead to referrals, and referrals lead to more cases; it’s simple. Firms can spend thousands of dollars on the most innovative marketing campaigns, but referrals are still among one of the most powerful marketing tools.

Networking and Community Involvement

The best way to reach a community is to get involved. Networking and participating in community and industry events will quickly make your firm a recognizable name. Getting involved in the community also puts a face to a name, which will make prospective clients more inclined to trust you in times of need.


In such a highly saturated and competitive market, a false persona and superficial marketing strategies will deter potential clients. With so many personalized forms of communication, the public wants to get to know the voice and personalities behind the brand. Connect with your clients by presenting your values and providing an authentic version of your firm and its mission.

Fresh Content

Whether you are publishing articles, posting on your blog, sending newsletters or creating videos, new and updated content will make you more visible and relevant. With this strategy, you become a trusted resource for those looking for expert advice.

Lastly, the best way to keep up and stay on track with cutting edge marketing strategies is to hire a firm that can help you generate quality leads, invest wisely, and create a campaign that will work best for the unique needs of your practice. Walker Advertising has the experience, accolades, and resources needed to help your firm thrive.