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Marketing Trends in 2017 Lawyers Should Know About

2017 promises to be interesting in many ways. One of those is the technology that will create a host of new marketing trends lawyers can expect to see in the coming year. While not all of these marketing trends are brand new, some are poised to become bigger than ever before.

Mobile devices are nothing new. But their prominence in the consumer world continues to grow measurably. What that means for your law practice is that you’ll need to make sure your online presence – your website, your lead capture pages, your social media footprint – is geared toward mobile devices. Your marketing plan should weigh more in that direction as well.

Native advertising, where ads mimic the form and function of regular content, has been around for awhile. But it’s about to balloon even more. Mobile users especially have never been big fans of ads on their screens. But native ads are more palatable. Some sources estimate that as many as 25% more consumers actually look at native ads than they do other kinds of advertising like banner ads. Consider going native when advertising your practice areas.

Chatbot use is on the rise, and for good reason. People searching for products and services want to spend less time looking for them. Here’s an example of how a chatbot could work for your law practice: rather than combing through your website in hopes of discovering the answers they want, a prospective client could simply engage in a conversation with a chatbot. Ideally, a chatbot gets to the root of the prospect’s problem and serves up the information quickly and easily. An intuitive, friendly and knowledgeable chatbot might convert prospects to clients faster, getting you the kinds of cases you’re looking for.

Immersive experiences are gaining momentum in the marketing world as well. Users crave immersive experiences because they feel like they’re interacting more with the content. Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are two technologies driving this trend. As a law practice, you might offer videos that walk prospects through the steps they can expect when their case is being litigated. You might also host live webinars and workshops to get prospects to engage with you. The key is to provide some level of interaction in a way that makes people feel like you understand their issues and can help them solve their problems.