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Why you Need a Great Yelp Page (and How to Make it)

Every firm needs a great Yelp page. This powerful resource is essential to the growth of most businesses. Millions of visitors lean on Yelp to learn about local businesses, including law firms. The social review site offers a free set of tools that will help highlight your business and access a huge community within Yelp.

A good business page can lead traffic to your site and increase conversion rates. If you’re wondering why you need a great Yelp page and how to make it, consider the following benefits:

  • You can customize and manage your business page with accurate, up-to-date information including contact information and a link to your site, that will give prospective clients information about your firm as they search for representation.
  • Yelp allows you to engage directly with clients. When your firm receives reviews you can be involved in the conversation, thank former clients for their glowing reviews and respond professionally and proactively to constructive criticism or negative reviews.
  • Your firm can take advantage of various advertising opportunities that Yelp offers to grow your practice and generate quality leads. This is an invaluable resource when it comes to reaching new clients.

So, how do you create a great Yelp page that will yield the best results? Here are a few tips:

  1. See what your competitors are doing. If attorneys in your service area have found success on Yelp, visit their page to help you set your goals and devise a plan of action. Take note of what stands out on their pages to help you better your own business page.
  2. Creating a comprehensive profile is an essential step. Make sure you have included all important information that clients might be interested in.
  3. Don’t forget to include a link to your website. Motivate visitors to take the next step and click through to your site by making it accessible. More often than not, visitors would like more information about your firm. Without a website, Yelp community members might lose interest and not get the information they need to contact your firm.
  1. Avoid low-quality photos. Take the time to take great photos with good lighting and editing. Consider hiring a professional to take a photo of you and your office to give clients the best possible view of your practice.
  1. Include an about page. Don’t forget to offer community members information about your firm directly on your Yelp page. Providing this information for clients who are not looking to visit any additional sites is extremely valuable.

Come up with a plan, follow the steps listed, and take advantage of this powerful and increasingly popular tool. With so many sources available to attorneys, making the most of these opportunities can make dramatic improvements in the growth and success of your firm.

Additionally, make sure to educate yourself on the various opportunities and resources available to businesses through Yelp. Like any other social media platform, it is important to monitor and update your page frequently. Your Yelp page will lose its value and influence if the information or photos are outdated or inaccurate.