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Takata Allegedly Covered Up Evidence of Airbag Ruptures

As Takata continues to face an ongoing recall over airbag ruptures, new evidence has emerged that as far back as 2000, Takata may have discarded evidence showing the propellant used its airbags was unsafe. According to testimony in a Florida courtroom, failures occurred during internal testing shortly after the propellant, which includes ammonium nitrate, was introduced into the airbag models.

The testimony further indicated Takata altered its testing data to conceal the failures from Honda, its largest customer. The lawsuit was brought by a Florida woman who was paralyzed after her airbag deployed with too much force during an accident. She was driving her 2001 Honda Civic at the time.

Unlike in other cases , the plaintiff in this case argues the airbag deployed with too much force due to the same issue that has caused other airbags to rupture and spray shrapnel into the passenger compartment. Unsurprisingly, Takata is fighting the accusations, which could open up the auto parts supplier to claims from a far wider class of plaintiffs than just people who have been injured by airbag ruptures.

The more I learn about issues such as the GM ignition switch scandal or the Takata airbag recall, the angrier I become. No one should ever have to suffer because of potential corporate deception. Walker Advertising works hard to defend those who have been harmed by others’ negligence. If you are an attorney who would like to help accident victims, please call 1-800-4WALKER or email moreinfo@walkeradvertising.com.