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Top 5 Local SEO Myths Law Firms Shouldn’t Fall For

When it comes to local Search Engine Optimization, there are many misconceptions. To clear up the confusion, we are debunking these top 5 local SEO myths:

  • Posting on Google+ will help improve rankings.

Although this would be a nice touch for many firms looking to market their brand, it is a complete myth that posting on Google+ will increase rankings on Google. Unless clients are specifically searching your business name on the platform, Google will not link your Plus page. This doesn’t make your social media presence less valuable. Although it does not help your SEO rankings, social media is a powerful tool that should not be overlooked.

  • Service-area businesses will rank in additional geographic locations by setting a wide service area.

Businesses are asked to set a radius around the areas they serve. Many believe that extening this service area on Google to cover a huge geographic location will increase their ranking and reach. This is definitely a myth. You will not rank in more neighborhoods or cities by setting a larger service area radius. Chances are, you will rank in the city you have listed as your business address.

  • Search Engine Optimization is obsolete.

With SEO changing so rapidly, many believe optimization is a thing of the past. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Although we see local SEO being reinvented and evolving, it certainly is not dead as some assume.

  • Quality content is enough for rankings.

Although we always hear that, “content is king,” and it is in fact very important to create organic, fresh content, this is simply not a sufficient recipe for rankings. You’ll also need an aggressive off-site SEO strategy to build links back to your website, as quality links are one of the most important ranking factors for search engines. Optimizing your site is essential when it comes to access. The content you produce will increase your conversion rates, but leading potential clients to your site calls aggressive and innovative marketing strategies over content.

  • Link-building is all that matters.

Things have changed since links were all brands needed for Google ranking. Building in links to your site is valuable. However, quality matters. Now, the quality of your links are what will set you apart and have you rank well. When it comes to link-building, quality over quantity is a good rule of thumb. By themselves, links aren’t enough. The structure of your site, usability, engagement, bounce rates, and the page load speed are all factors that impact your ranking on Google. A lot has evolved since basic link-building was the end all, be all of SEO.

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