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Top 7 Strategies for Law Firms to Build Backlinks

When it comes to ranking and search engine optimization, links continue to be a pivotal element. Contrary to popular belief, law firm link building is still a powerful tool for SEO along with quality content. There are various link building strategies that can result in better ranking and success for your firm. If you’re wondering how to build backlinks for lawyers, here are a few ways:

Legal Directory Link Building

A great strategy for link building is to look to legal directories. Although these links have the lowest value, it is still beneficial for attorneys to get them. There are many legal directories to be on. Among the many legal directories some options include lawyers.findlaw.com, avvo.com, thumbtack.com, and yelp.com.

Guest Posts

Posting guest blogs on other sites can lead to an increase in traffic to your site. This is a great strategy for link building if done strategically. Don’t broaden your horizons to all kinds of blogs. Focus on guest-posting on blogs within your practice area and industry.

Join the Reddit Community

Reddit can be a powerful resource for link building. Attorneys can submit links and text posts. However, the process should not include random posts just for the purpose of building links. It is crucial to be an active, helpful member of the Reddit community in order to get the most from this resource.

Social Media

Social media posts are a great way to actively share links to their site. Sharing links on various platforms will result in a higher volume of traffic and more exposure for your brand.


There has been a rise in infographics lately. The easy to access and understand combination of visuals and text has made this form of content valuable and well-received. Creating an original infographic and inspiring viewers to share this content can result in a lot of free links. Also, giving various sites the opportunity to embed the infographic on their site can also be extremely beneficial when it comes to link-building for your firm. It is always helpful to seek the assistance of a professional graphic designer in order to create something original that is more likely to be shared and posted.


Within the ever-changing world of online marketing, some things continue to be extremely valuable. Testimonials are at the top of this list. When it comes to link-building, testimonials are very valuable. One way to build links is to connect with companies and offer to give a testimonial about their services. Do this in exchange for a link back to your website. This is a great way to increase traffic to your site.


Strategic blogging with a plan can be beneficial when it comes to building links. Adding a blog to your site is essential. If you don’t have one already, it should be the first thing on your list. Quality content on your firm’s blog will increase the opportunity for you to rank for added keywords. Also, creating content will inspire readers to share your posts and link to your site. Lastly, blogs give you the opportunity to include links to various pages on your own site that might have less traffic than your more popular pages. Overall, creating and updating a blog increases the chances of having your content shared online. Blogging continues to be unquestionably valuable to any legal marketing campaign.