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The Top Mass Tort Trials for Lawyers in 2017

Mass tort trials typically involve consumer product claims and pharmaceutical claims. Many plaintiffs might sue a company together seeking compensation for injuries or deaths caused by a product, while drugs that are prescribed or over-the-counter can turn out to be deadly even though they are were meant to heal.

In the majority of mass tort cases, the various individual plaintiffs must be suing based on the harmful results caused by a single common product. Also, in these cases each plaintiff has an individual claim resulting from specific damages and receives his or her own trial.

tort law book

Once a court determines that a proposed mass tort case can proceed, it will typically be assigned to a judge who might then order that notice of the lawsuit be published in the newspapers so that others who have been negatively harmed by the same product can join the lawsuit if desired.

This is an opportune time if your firm has been thinking about expanding into mass torts. It seems like manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies are putting more emphasis on profits than safety. The cycle continues to spin – from hernia meshes, to Zofran, Viagra, automobile recalls, etc.

Here are some tips for mass tort leads that may attract clients who are not even aware that a large-scale defect or problem exists:


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Although you may not have absolute control over this factor, the success of your mass tort marketing depends on timing. While you can’t predict that a particular drug or product is going to cause harm, you can be aware of recent releases by big companies and prepare different strategies that would work in different scenarios – whether a recall, injuries, or a series of lawsuits.

Once a mass tort proceeding has reached the settlement phase, for example, law firms are usually in high demand. During this period, your firm might want to launch a marketing campaign to inform potential clients of the issue. Don’t leave getting clients in the door to luck. Be prepared to market your firm when the timing is right and you’ll have a greater chance of success.


The next tip to generate mass tort leads comes down to keywords. Which keywords to highlight depend on how you plan to educate potential clients about what’s happening with the drug or product. Many firms incorrectly assume that people are automatically searching for ways to get compensation. However, victims of these products are typically searching for a solution to their problem or discomfort before they even realize there is a wider problem. For example, they may search “legs tingle when I take XYZ”, or “brakes on XYZ model hard to press.”


Patients or consumers who have experienced some kind of pain, suffering, or problem want to understand what happened and how to move on with their life in a positive way. Instead of marketing based on compensation, consider efforts that are aimed at informing potential clients about defects and side effects first. Once they understand that it is not an isolated problem, they become better prospects.

Online Marketing

Generate clients using online marketing efforts by creating a section on your website that is dedicated to mass tort information. Highlight major cases that are happening, details about what various patients experienced, and educate them on how to proceed if they too have experienced harm. Use clear, concise language and update this section on a regular basis as new information is released.

Social Media

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In addition to adding a whole new section on your website, you can secure leads through paid ads on social media platforms. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram will get your message out to a wide audience at an affordable cost.

TV Ads

TV ads are also a common way to generate leads, though they come at a higher cost. Engage in the services of a professional firm who can work on your behalf to select the best media buys.


Mass Tort Leads: The Top Mass Tort Trials for Lawyers in 2017  

IVC (Inferior Vena Cava) Filter

A small cone-shaped device that is implanted below the kidneys designed to capture an embolism may cause complications including punctured veins and breaking apart.

Mirena IUD

This intra-uterine device placed in a woman’s uterus as a form of birth control has caused major complications, according to thousands of women.

Pradaxa (dabigatran)

After taking this anticoagulant, some users have suffered severe and even fatal bleeding problems.


Manufactured by Johnson & Johnson, this antipsychotic drug may cause gynecomastia, a condition that can lead to mastectomies in males.

Fresenius Medical

Maker of GranuFlow and NaturaLyte was aware of the potential dangers associated with products that could cause heart problems, but failed to release the information to patients.


A type 2 diabetes medication that many medical studies link to the cause of bladder cancer.

Medtronic Infuse

People suffering from complication due to an INFUSE bone graft have accused this company of concealing side effects.

DePuy Hip

Thousands of plaintiffs have filed lawsuits against this metal-on-metal implant, after experiencing painful complications.


A large number of women are winning legal claims from transvaginal mesh products. They assert that various manufacturers failed to properly test for risks, intentionally mislead patients, and failed to establish safe methods for removal of the product.

Talcum Powder

There have been over 1,200 cases so far related to Baby Powder & Shower to Shower, made by Johnson & Johnson that showed positive links to the cause of Ovarian cancer.


This drug for schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression, and Tourette syndrome as resulted in compulsive behavior relating to gambling, sex, and shopping.


The blood thinner intended to prevent blood clots has been shown to cause uncontrollable internal bleeding and strokes. Currently, there are more than 11,000 cases in federal MDL.

Bair Hugger

Surgical warming blanket made by 3M has led to deep joint infections in knee and hip operations when the blower located in the blanket sucks up bacteria on surgery floors.