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Toxin that can Cause Birth Defects Found in Homes Near Superfund Site

I was alarmed to read that trichloroethylene (TCE), an industrial solvent that can cause birth defects, was found inside five South Bay homes near the Del Amo and Montrose Superfund sites in California. TCE can cause heart defects in unborn children and poses a higher cancer risk when inhaled than previously believed, according to recent scientific studies. In nearly every South Bay home tested, the EPA found levels of various toxins that exceed its long-term screening levels for indoor air. While the agency stressed that these higher levels are not indicative of health risks, it acknowledged that they do merit further investigation. The agency recently ordered a new round of air quality tests after finding contaminants inside homes.

It’s always tragic when children, before they are even born, are harmed by chemicals or other harmful products that cause birth defects. Many of these children will suffer from life-long health complications. Some of them will require lifetime care, care that their parents often cannot afford to provide on their own.

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