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Toyota Recalls Nearly 3 Million Vehicles over Faulty Rear Seatbelts

Toyota is recalling 2.87 million RAV4 sport utility vehicles worldwide over potentially faulty rear seatbelts that can be severed in a crash. The fault is believed to have caused seatbelts to separate in two crashes, one of which resulted in a passenger fatality.

Just under half of the affected vehicles are in North America, while the rest are spread through other regions including China, Europe and Japan. The recall covers vehicles manufactured between 2005 and 2014.

This is yet another story in a seemingly endless parade of auto recalls. While newspapers spill ink about the subject and comments pile up online, people are being maimed or killed by safety defects. With all the technology and advanced engineering techniques available to us, this should not be happening. Regulatory agencies charged with ensuring our safety should not, seemingly time and time again, approve products with issues that threaten consumer safety.

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