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Minimum Trucking Insurance Too Low To Help Victims

In a disappointing and yet not unexpected move, the US House Appropriations Committee has rejected a proposed increase in general freight carriers’  minimum insurance requirements, which are currently set at $750,000.

The current minimum coverage level was established by the Motor Carrier Act of 1980. Particularly with the increase in medical costs since that time, $750,000 is simply not enough for the victims of traffic accidents with trucks and buses. These heavy vehicles frequently cause catastrophic injuries in the event of a collision, injuries that can disable victims for life and require years of follow-up care.

The trucking industry opposed the potential increase in minimum coverage, saying it would hurt small businesses—an argument that is surely of little comfort to those who are grievously wounded in an accident with a truck or a bus.

It’s time for Congress to step up and raise the minimum insurance coverage for general freight carriers. Please join me in supporting this common sense reform to help protect our community.

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