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How to use Retargeting to Dramatically Increase Legal Leads

Law firm marketing is an extremely unique animal. Marketing for lawyers does not employ the same approach as any other industry. The reason for this is that most people searching for lawyers are doing so because they find themselves in a corner where they have to find representation.

As an attorney, you are dealing with prospective clients that don’t want, but need, to find help. For this reason, the approach must be tweaked. Simply put, your marketing strategy needs to be retargeted. What does that mean? This strategy refers to the process of approaching clients after they have essentially rejected your firm along their search. Instead of moving along to the next potential case, this approach redirects the client through ads and various strategies and leads them back to your site.

The idea comes from the concept that just because a visitor strayed from your page, it doesn’t mean they are no longer looking for representation. With retargeting, you inspire them to revert back to your site when they are ready to commit.

Breakdown on how to use retargeting to dramatically increase legal leads

Retargeting allows attorneys to present advertisements to visitors who have left their website without converting. This is done through relevant ads that are shown across visitor’s devices in order to draw them back to your firm’s site.

So, how is this done?

  1. First, when someone visits your page, you “tag” their browser. This gives you the space to present ads to them throughout the next few weeks.
  2. Second, instead of sales pitches that are like the typical ads we are all used to ignoring, opt for informational articles that will speak to the problem they are facing. For example, an informative piece on someone’s Facebook page about personal injury laws in their home state will give him or her information, instead of blatantly pitching an ad.
  3. Third, revert traffic back to your site in a subtle, solution-based way.
  4. Finally, gain a new client and increase your caseload.

Retargeting is an extremely lucrative method that will dramatically increase your caseload and change the pace of your firm. There are a number of retargeting platforms out there to consider, such as AdWords, AdRoll, Criteo, and Retargeter.