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Volkswagen May Repurchase Some Vehicles with Emissions Cheating Software

A lawyer with Volkswagen (VW) has confirmed the automaker may buy back some diesel vehicles installed with software that cheats on emissions tests. Attorney Robert Giuffra said it was a matter of timing, and that it might take the automaker too long to devise a solution. He further added the automaker had not yet determined how many cars might be included in the potential buyback.

The New York Times noted it may be particularly difficult for VW to fix older vehicles installed with less effective emissions-trapping devices.

It’s tragic when people are injured or die because of previously unknown defects in their cars, but deliberate deception of the kind both VW and GM allegedly engaged in is unconscionable. For more than a decade, GM allegedly concealed a defect in its ignition switches that could shut off power to some vehicles while they were in operation.

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