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What Not to Say When Marketing Your Law Firm

Marketing strategies will help your law firm appeal to the ideal client. However, be wary of alienating them by using words or phrases that are complicated, cliché, or off-putting. It’s likely that your clients are not aware of complex legal jargon, so using them in your copy may be a waste of time or money. When describing your services, write in layman’s terms and you’ll have a better chance of winning over more prospects.

It may be challenging for you to step back from your legal knowledge and think about marketing material from a client’s point of view. But people want lawyers they can trust and relate to, so here are seven tips for what not to say when marketing your law firm:

  • Advanced – This word has been overused in almost every industry. Clients may be skeptical when it comes to “advanced” services your firm can offer.
  • Unique – A recent buzzword that has been used to attract attention, while not necessarily delivering on the promise. Claiming originality does not impress anyone if it is not true.
  • Best – Instead of stating you are the best allow your audience to form this impression on their own through customer reviews or by posting your client list on your website.
  • Cutting Edge – Like “advanced” above, this phrase has been used so often and so inaccurately, prospects will likely not even register the phrase.
  • Immediately – Don’t make promises you can’t keep, like getting back to an inquiry immediately. Instead, opt for alternative words such as “promptly” or “quickly” which still indicates action without specifying a timeframe.
  • Revolutionary – Not only is this word overused, it’s also probably inaccurate. Providing legal services is not revolutionary, but rather an expected part of running a law firm.
  • Prevent – While you may hope to prevent settlements, jail time, or complications when handling a case, promising to do so may be premature. Clients who do not get the desired outcome in their legal affairs may also hold this word against you.